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Our Clients


Our commitment to you is to help your organization accelerate improvement to achieve your organizational goals through a genuine, hands-on approach to success.

  • Governments – we are experienced in helping governments achieve their educational goals and aspirations.

  • Groups of Schools – Some of our best and proven work is also with groups of schools

  • Individual Schools – Individual schools can benefit from our tools to help them compete with the big players.

  • Universities – we help universities make sustainable and impact through our tools and support system.


Our process starts with a quick review of all existing documents, plans, reports, goals and aspirations of each client.

Upon reviewing all the documentation, goals and aspirations given to us, we conduct research and development in each of the cases to provide our hypothesis of what challenges you are facing and why you are facing them.

Based on our hypothesis and findings we offer the evidence based solution tailored to your situation.

We offer guidance on how to implement the evidence based solutions. In fact, we can also work to implement these solutions collaboratively.

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Today’s Educational News

Covering educational topics for governments, groups of schools, individual schools and universities.

“Cameron’s efforts since his appointment to UOB to take the university higher and achieve better recognition for the work it does for the country and also the region has been significant in such a short time. I feel you have been instrumental in the improvement of the ranking of the institution and hope that you continue this good progress”

“I have worked with Cameron over the last two years both in his role with the Higher Education Council and with the University of Bahrain. I have found him to be innovative, professional and collaborative. He has the ability to implement systemic change to improve a large scale state organisation in challenging circumstances. One example of this is how he managed to reform the UoB’s orientation year programme.

On taking up a post at UoB Cameron conducted a root and branch review of the university’s academic programmes and found the orientation year to be the area in most need of reform. Working with the British Council he evaluated the English language programme which was the main component of the orientation year. He commissioned us to conduct testing and data analysis to support his initial findings.

He then set up a committee and led a programme of reform. As a result, the English language programme is now more structured and robust. Cameron also added mathematics and IT studies to the programme meaning that the students now have an orientation year which is efficient, effective, meaningful and able to prepare students for their academic studies.

Cameron managed this change programme in a context where long serving colleagues had become entrenched and very resistant to change. He has also worked with the British Council on increasing the university’s scientific research capacity and as a result of UoB now has research partnerships with Loughborough, Aston and Oxford universities. These are very significant achievements in his first full academic year.”

“Instill Education is a South African organisation developing a range of programmes to support teachers and school leaders both in SA, and across the continent. At inception, our primary focus was on gaining accreditation as a Private Higher Education Institution, involving the creation of all documentation almost entirely from scratch. Dr Steve Reissig was an invaluable support throughout this process, particularly regarding the creation of our academic framework and module overviews. His input was a key reason our first programme (a Foundation Phase PGCE) was received formal approval far within our expected timelines. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is truly extraordinary, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing expert advice.”

“Steve Reissig is an education expert who has been supporting us at AusRelief. He has assisted us in curriculum development, policy planning, financial modeling and our overall Education Development programs in Southeast Asia.

His experience and intricate knowledge of various educational curriculums suitable for different locations by far exceeds any other consultants we have dealt with previously. At times Steve surprises us with his sheer knowledge and experience he has, and how to apply various processes and practices in the various fields and operations we are currently working in. Additionally, we are always given practical solutions and advice based from his extensive history and contacts he brings with him.

We don’t just see Steven Reissig as an education consultant, we view him as a valuable asset and contact we can rely on in our developmental education objectives in some of the most impoverished parts of South East Asia.”

“I have worked with Dr. Steve Reissig on both strategic and operational levels. I found him to be a distinguished strategic thinker, with a critical eye for the details. His experience in working with new initiatives and startups in educational settings is  remarkable. He can instantly assess the situation, draft a plan for action, and implement immediately in situations of urgency. His coaching skills are impeccable, with an ability to reach the audience and make difference. Up-to-date in his field, knowledgeable and possess the required skills to do the job. He is very capable in terms of winning people and building coalitions during periods of change.”

“I worked with Steve in Dubai and saw first-hand how his innovative approach transformed our professional development network. His ability to synthesise relevant ideas into the design and execution of strategy was central to this success. A consummate professional, he is always well researched, and systemic in approach. His willingness to work with clients and his ability to deliver a high-quality result has built a well-deserved respect across the industry in multiple countries”.

“I have been working with Dr. Steven Reissig for several years at the Ministry of Education and as a result of his guidance, mentorship and training I have undergone a major transformation as an educator. His overall professionalism and ability to not only meet deliverables but surpass the expectations of everyone he works with is truly remarkable.

Furthermore, when developing professional development sessions for educators and administrators in schools and throughout the Ministry he always provided resources that were accessible, effective and easily implemented. When it comes to educational strategic development he is able to not only abstractly design the concepts needed for strategic thinking but also provide the support needed for collaboration and implementation of the strategy. I highly recommend Dr. Steven Reissig and am extremely grateful for the time we have worked alongside each other at the Ministry.”